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Hi, I'm Dru! I'm a founder of Hint, a stealthish startup that's working to connect all aspects of your life. I took a leave of absence from UC Berkeley in my first year, so I guess you could call me a cliché 22 year old Startup Founder. As the 1st BizDev hire at Heyzap, I helped them to expand their game distribution network to over 300,000 websites.

As I digital native, I'm trying to automate all of the boring, incessant parts of life. Care to join me?

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I’m an idealist. I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way. — Carl Sandburg,

911 GT3 R Hybrid in Laguna Seca


Understanding How Dilution Affects You At A Startup

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Not Crazy

Stepping out off the beaten path to do something purposeful can often draw attention from those still marching away in the same direction. That attention, however, may not always be rewarding. More often than not, it can make us question everything, even our own sanity.

I fall into this same trap all too often.

Trying is the key word here. You have to make an effort to make something really unique—be it something that makes a difference in the world or something just for yourself. It may be hard as hell, but just remember you’re actually trying.

You’re not crazy for wanting to do something “different”. You’re not a failure if you’re still trying. This is just another little token for all the creatives, entrepreneurs, young up-and-coming’s and out-of-the-box thinkers out there…


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Everyone should have a reserve

With a net worth of $38bn, investor Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men on the planet. In 1970, he discovered the following letter in a safe deposit box along with the $1,000 cash mentioned therein. 30 years earlier it had been sent by his grandfather, Ernest — a grocery store owner — to Warren’s uncle, Fred, and Fred’s wife. Similar letters had also been sent to Ernest’s other children.


Dear Fred & Catherine:

Over a period of a good many years I have known a great many people who at some time or another have suffered in various ways simply because they did not have ready cash. I have known people how have had to sacrifice some of their holdings in order to have money that was necessary at that time.

For a good many years your grandfather kept a certain amount of money where he could put his hands on it in very short notice.

For a number of years I have made it a point to keep a reserve, should some occasion come up where I would need money quickly, without disturbing the money that I have in my business. There have been a couple occasions when I found it very convenient to go to this fund.

Thus, I feel that everyone should have a reserve. I hope it never happens to you, but the chances are that some day you will need money, and need it badly, and with this thought in view, I started a fund by placing $200.00 in an envelope, with your name on it, when you were married. Each year I added something to it, until there is now $1000.00 in the fund.

Ten years have elapsed since you were married, and this fund is now completed.

It is my wish that you place this envelope in your safety deposit box, and keep it for the purpose that it was created for. Should the time come when you need part, I would suggest that you use as little as possible, and replace it as soon as possible.

You might feel that this should be invested and bring you an income. Forget it — the mental satisfaction of having $1000.00 laid away where you can put your hands on it, is worth more than what interest it might bring, especially if you have the investment in something that you could not realize on quickly.

If in after years you feel this has been a good idea, you might repeat it with your own children.

For your information, I might mention that there has never been a Buffet who ever left a very large estate, but there has never been one that did not leave something. They never spent all they made, but always saved part of what they made, and it has all worked out pretty well.

This letter is being written at the expiration of ten years after you were married.


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A man grows most tired while standing still. ~Chinese proverb

Before you …

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Jobs: A Life and Vision

via Steve Jobs, 1955-2011: Jobs: A Life and Vision – BusinessWeek.


Rover Spy Tank

While it’s not the most inconspicuous spy gadget we’ve ever seen, the Rover Spy Tank ($150) should do just enough to let you be the Ethan Hunt of your abode. Controlled by an app that works with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, the tank has a camera that streams live video and takes still photos, while a built-in microphone transmits sound back to you. It has a wireless range of up to 200 feet, plus infrared night vision for late night missions.

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