About Dru Wynings

Hi, I'm Dru! I'm a founder of Hint, a stealthish startup that's working to connect all aspects of your life. I took a leave of absence from UC Berkeley in my first year, so I guess you could call me a cliché 22 year old Startup Founder. As the 1st BizDev hire at Heyzap, I helped them to expand their game distribution network to over 300,000 websites.

As I digital native, I'm trying to automate all of the boring, incessant parts of life. Care to join me?

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Infographic: How to make a successful app

Golden rule of users: 

One app sold = One customer = One problem

This line is too true… my father used to say, “Give me a business that has no customers and no employees, and I’ll be a happy man.”