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Hi, I'm Dru! I'm a founder of Hint, a stealthish startup that's working to connect all aspects of your life. I took a leave of absence from UC Berkeley in my first year, so I guess you could call me a cliché 22 year old Startup Founder. As the 1st BizDev hire at Heyzap, I helped them to expand their game distribution network to over 300,000 websites.

As I digital native, I'm trying to automate all of the boring, incessant parts of life. Care to join me?

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complexity never ends

complexity never ends

As I tried to express in this cartoon, even the initial definitions of “complexity” are hard to understand. It all revolves around the knowledge that complexity falls on a system and how that system works, be it disorganized or otherwise. Whether a system or group has a small or large number of working elements people, products, ideals…etc. is irrelevant, because when the human mind is involved, it’s GOING to be complex. It would be a totally different story if we were talking numbers and variables. The thing is that complexity is completely natural, just look at fractals, their beauty is in their complexity. It is everywhere–in every molecule and element, no matter how simple we may perceive it to be. The problem begins when we try to rationalize it and defeat it.

Our challenge every day is in how we can make the complex look simple – the best design, user interface, cartoons, and machines do this seamlessly.Our very existence is a product of it. So, I say, just roll with it.

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